Can You Get To The Royal National Park By Bus?

In 2020 a bus service was started up that linked the most population destinations in the Royal National Park to transportation hubs such as Sutherland and Waterfall train stations as well as Bundeena.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a bus that goes to the Royal National Park and the previously running bus service has ceased operations with no plan for it to start up again.

Currently, the only way to the Royal National Park by bus is by hiring a private charter bus. If you have a large group this could be worthwhile but for smaller groups or singles/couples this isn’t going to be viable.

However, you can get to many spots in the Royal Nation Park by other forms of public transport. Primarily:

  • Trains to Heathcote, Waterfall and Otford Station
  • Ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena

Click here to see my full guide on how to access the Royal National Park by public transport and the major attractions you can reach via train or ferry.

Buses Have Ceased Operating To The Royal National Park

In 2019 the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) sought expressions of interest from the bus community to provide a shuttle service to key areas within the Royal National Park (see news article).

Starting in January 2020 Parks Connections began their bus service to the Royal Nation Park on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

It ran 4 buses per day taking visitors to and from the following locations:

  • Sutherland Train Station
  • Audley Village
  • Bundeena
  • Coastal Walk Trackhead
  • Wattamolla
  • Curra Moors
  • Garie Beach
  • Garrawarra Farm (Burning Palms / Figure 8 Pools)
  • Lady Carington Drive South
  • Waterfall Train Station
  • Otford (in the summer)

Tickets cost $12 for a single journey, $20 for a day pass and $45 for a family day pass.

Way cheaper than an Uber.

Unfortunately, due to major road damages to the road to Garie Beach in July 2022 the bus service was halted and now if you go to the Parks Connection website you receive this notice:

I reached out to the team at Park Connections in July 2023 to see if there was any update to the service and if it planned to start up again.

This is the response I received and it sounds like there is not going to be another bus service any time soon.

Hello Ryan

Thanks for your email.

In regards to the bus service. This has been put on hold indefinitely at this stage.

I don’t believe there is a bus service that operates for the RNP, only specific chartered services.

Thank you

Getting To The Royal National Park By Public Transport

While there are no longer buses running to the popular spots in the Royal National Park, it’s still completely possible to get to the Royal Nation Park by public transport and visit popular areas such as

  • Audley
  • Karloo Pool and Uloola Falls
  • Burning Palms Beach and Figure 8 Pools
  • Garie Beach
  • Wattamolla Beach
  • Wedding Cake Rock

I’ve done a full write up on how to get to the Royal National Park by public transport as well as some of the most popular spots you can reach from each transportation hub.

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