Bonna Point Reserve Kurnell – Great Playground & Skate/Scooter Area

Tucked away at the end of the Kurnell Penisula is an outstanding playground that is great for kids aged toddler to approximately 12.

It features a large climbing area with tall slides, a swing set, a flying fox and a street skate section. There is also a toddlers play section with a small cubby house and slide.

It’s right near Kurnell Dog Beach and Cook @ Kurnell cafe making it a one stop shop for families.

I’ve spent many mornings and afternoons here playing with my kids and I highly recommend this spot for families sick of the playgrounds in Cronulla or who want to go someone new for a day.

Where is Bonna Point Reserve?

Bonna Point Reserve is located in Kurnell at the very end of Prince Charles Parade.

It’s about a 10-15 minute drive from Cronulla, so it’s a bit out of the way. But that also means it’s quite a calm place to visit…except on the weekends in warmer weather when the park can get insanely busy.

There is lots of parking around the park so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a spot most days.

BE CAREFUL: Don’t park in the area set aside for cars with trailers. These spots are often vacant but council workers do come around and book people regularly.

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What Is At Bonna Point Reserve?

The great thing about Bonna Point Reserve is it’s size and the fact that there’s something for everyone here.

From larger climbing frames and flying foxes that keep the older kids entertained through to smaller cubby houses and mini-slides for the toddlers.

There’s even picnic tables and a coffee shop nearby to keep the parents happy and a dog beach across the road for your fur-babies.

Large Climbing Frame & Slides

The main focus of the playground is a large climbing frame and slides set over the top of sand.

This area is great for for kids who are slightly older and comfortable climbing up the ropes.

For younger kids there is a ladder and then mesh tunnels that connect to the biggest slide.

Flying Fox

My favourite part of Bonna Point Reserve is the dual flying fox.

I’ve had a lot of fun going as fast as possible on this myself (no shame) as well as helping my kids have turns too.

Kids are good at taking it in turns but it can be a bit tricky for younger kids to operate by themselves as getting the flying fox back to the starting platform is difficult for children.

Street Skate Area (Great for Scooters)

There’s a small street skating area with a downhill slope that is more often than not completely dominated by very young children on their scooters.

This isn’t somewhere you really want to go if you’re a serious skateboarder (unless it’s at a quiet time). You’re better off going to Greenhills Skate Park for that.

But for younger kids they enjoy riding around this area and mostly just going to the top of the hill and riding down.

Swing Sets

There’s a square swing set with 4 swings pointing in towards each other. This makes it fun to swing with friends as you can all see each other.

There are no toddler swings here though the swings do you a rope for back support or for younger kids to hold on to.

There’s also a 360º round swing for multiple people that is a lot of fun.

Toddlers Play Area

This park isn’t just for older kids. It also features a toddlers play area with a small cubby house and 2 mini slides.

Kids love playing with the sand and playing peek-a-boo in the cubby house.

Picnic Tables

There’s a couple of undercover picnic tables are the playground for families to spread out on or to have lunch on.

If you’re not lucky enough to get a table (or you prefer to sit in the sun) then there is also a variety of grassed areas which are great for picnics.

Public Toilets

No playground is complete without a public toilet for those moments when you kid “has to go right now”.

Bonna Point Reserve featured 4 gender neutral toilets with a single wash basin. There is one disabled toilet.

The bathrooms are nice enough and what you’d expect at a public playground like this.

Kurnell Dog Beach

Directly opposite Bonna Point Reserve is the Kurnell Dog Beach. A 24/7 off-leash area where dogs can run, play and swim.

It’s one of the best dog beaches in Sydney and is north facing so gets a lot of sun.

There’s never any waves here so it’s great for dog who aren’t as confident with their swimming. I’ve often swum at this beach on warmer days.

It’s nice to break it up – spend some time at the park and then some time at the beach.

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Cook @ Kurnell Cafe

About a 1-2 minute walk from the playground is Cook @ Kurnell Cafe. A dog (and kid) friendly cafe that has large areas of outdoor seating as well as some undercover seating too.

Cook @ Kurnell also has a small playground suitable for younger children so it’s a great place to grab a coffee or some breakfast while the kids continue to play.

It’s also licensed and serves alcohol and occasionally they’ll have live music.

Click here to see Cook @ Kurnell’s website

Other Interesting Spots Near Bonna Point Reserve

Whether you’re spending just a couple of hours in Kurnell or the entire day there are lots of things you can do with the family around the area.

15 Incredible Things To Do In Kurnell

Kurnell is full of amazing things to do. From the beach foreshore where you can swim to amazing hikes, playgrounds for kids, lighthouses and hidden caves.

I’ve written a full guide to all of the best things to see in Kurnell.

Whether you’re here for a few hours or you’re spending the entire day here there is enough to keep you occupied.

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Greenhills Skate Park

One of the best places in the area to take kids of all ages is the Greenhills Skate Park.

It’s located off Captain Cook Drive about halfway out to Kurnell and features sections with only slight inclines great for younger kids as well as a variety of steeper ramps and a couple of bowls for more experiences skaters.

Usually here you’ll have a mixture of younger kids on scooters who have no idea what they are doing and the etiquette of skate parks along with more advanced kids and adults on scooters and skateboards.

Generally speaking Greenhills Skatepark has a really friendly vibe and I’ve always had a great time here with my kids.

There are also public toilets at the skatepark and a football field if you want to kick a soccer ball around.

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Kurnell Whale Sculpture

Just off the coast from Commemoration Flat Picnic Area (or walkable from the main street in Kurnell) is the Kurnell Whale Sculpture.

Designed by Theresa Ardler and Julie Squires it features a whale mother and her calf and a bronze fishing net.

It’s a beautiful sculpture and also has lovely views across the bay to La Perouse.

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Cape Baily Lighthouse

The Skylight Cave actually exists just off the Cape Baily Lighthouse walk.

This walk takes you all the way along the cliffs giving you stunning views the entire way. Ultimately ending in Cape Baily Lighthouse or you can continue to walk to Potters Point.

The lighthouse isn’t amazing but the walk there is stunning, relatively flat and really nice to do.

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Towra Point Nature Reserve/Quibray Bay Lookout

Tucked away opposite Greenhills Skate Park is a nice little viewing platform overlooking Quibray Bay.

It’s wheelchair accessible to the platform but if you venture off the path there are some stunning views to be had on the mangrove flats.

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