Kurnell Dog Beach – 24/7 Off Leash Area Guide

At the end of the road in Kurnell there is a 24/7 off-leash dog friendly beach. This section of Silver Beach is a great place for dogs of all sizes and the extremely calm waters make it a great place for those pups who aren’t as confident around waves.

It’s not the entirety of Silver Beach but rather the single beach area between the 3rd and 4th rock groynes (from the west).

The rest of Silver Beach is off limits to dogs, though I regularly see people with dogs in other areas – especially when it isn’t busy.

What Time Are Dogs Allowed on Kurnell Dog Beach?

The best thing about the Kurnell Dog Beach is that is it dog friendly 24/7.

Unlike the off-leash area of Greenhills in Cronulla where dogs are only allowed from 4pm-10am in daylight savings time and 3pm-10am during non-daylight savings time. You can take your dog to Kurnell Dog Beach any time of the day (or night) without restrictions.

Where Is Kurnell Dog Beach

Kurnell Dog Beach is located at the end of Prince Charles Parade on the Kurnell Foreshore just after Ward Street (which is the last street you can turnoff at).

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Parking Near Kurnell Dog Beach

There is ample parking around Kurnell Dog Beach, however you do share this parking with the Bonna Point Reserve playground which is popular with families.

In the winter months you rarely have problems finding parking nearby. However, in the warmer months and especially on weekends getting parking can be difficult.

If you don’t mind a walk then there is a lot of street parking around and at worst you’ll have to park 5-10 minutes walk away on a super busy day.

Just be careful NOT to park in the areas designated for cars with trailers. These are often empty and while it’s an enticing place to park council workers do come around regularly and book people. You don’t want to get a nasty fine!

What Is Kurnell Dog Beach Like?

Kurnell Dog beach is flat and calm. There are never any waves here so your dog can splash around in the water with ease.

There’s often multiple people here with their dogs and generally all the dogs are really friendly.

Dogs will run around and play together and it’s a very friendly environment.

While there are no shark nets around this area I’ve swum in the water here many times, as do lots of other people as well.

Facilities at Kurnell Dog Beach

One of the great things about Kurnell Dog Beach is that it’s right next to Bonna Point Reserve where there is a playground for the kids as well as public toilet facilities.

As far as I am aware these are the only public toilets available in Kurnell – other than the public toilets located in the Royal National Park (where you can’t take dogs).

The Public Toilets

One of the great things about Kurnell Dog Beach is that right nearby at Bonna Point Reserve (directly behind the dog beach) there are public toilets.

As far as I’m aware these are the only public toilets in Kurnell other than the ones in the National Park (where dogs are no allowed).

The toilets are clean and nice enough.

Bonna Point Reserve Playground

Directly behind the dog beach is Bonna Point Reserve playground.

This is a great area for kids of all ages and features are large climbing frame with slides, swing sets, an area for smaller children to play as well as a flying fox and street skate section.

I’ve spent many afternoons here with my kids playing around and having fun. There are picnic tables for the adults and grassy sections you can sit down on or kick a ball around on.

Cook @ Kurnell – A Dog Friendly Cafe

Right near the Kurnell Dog Beach is Cook @ Kurnell, a dog friendly cafe that has large areas of outdoor seating as well as some undercover seating too.

Cook @ Kurnell also has a small playground suitable for younger children so it’s a great place to grab a coffee or some breakfast while the kids continue to play.

It’s also licensed and serves alcohol and occasionally they’ll have live music.

Click here to see Cook @ Kurnell’s website

Other Interesting Spots Near Kurnell Dog Beach

When your pooch gets pooped from all the swimming and running around there are still a lot of other great things you can do in Kurnell. Some of them are pet friendly, however unfortunately dogs are not allowing in the National Park Area so some of the hikes you’re unable to do with your dog.

15 Incredible Things To Do In Kurnell

Kurnell is full of amazing things to do. From the beach foreshore where you can swim to amazing hikes, playgrounds for kids, lighthouses and hidden caves.

I’ve written a full guide to all of the best things to see in Kurnell.

Whether you’re here for a few hours or you’re spending the entire day here there is enough to keep you occupied.

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Kurnell Whale Sculpture

Just off the coast from Commemoration Flat Picnic Area (or walkable from the main street in Kurnell) is the Kurnell Whale Sculpture.

Designed by Theresa Ardler and Julie Squires it features a whale mother and her calf and a bronze fishing net.

It’s a beautiful sculpture and also has lovely views across the bay to La Perouse.

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The Secret Skylight Cave

Made TikTok and Instagram famous this secret skylight cave is an amazing place to take a photo for your social media or dating profile. The cave has a magnificent skylight in the centre and is right on the cliff. It’s quite small but photos make it look bigger than it is.

I consider this walk very dangerous due to how close the cave is to the cliff. If you do this walk then you do it at your own risk.

The walk down to the cave is not marked and is difficult to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But if you know how to get there it’s just a short 200 metres from the carpark

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