Towra Point Nature Reserve/Quibray Bay Lookout, Kurnell – A Hidden Gem

Tucked away off Captain Cook Drive on the way to Kurnell is a hidden gem of a lookout known as Towra Point Nature Reserve. It features a wooden platform lookout with stunning views over Quibray Bay and for those willing to go off track you can venture onto the sandy mangrove flats for an even better outlook over the bay and the city of Sydney.

It’s a great little spot to explore, especially at low tide, and you’re likely to have the place completely to yourself or you may be joined by one other person.

This spot isn’t very well known, but it is well worth a visit if you’re in the Kurnell area.

Where is Towra Point Nature Reserve – Quibray Bay Viewing Platform?

Towra Point Nature Reserve lookout is tucked away off to the left of Captain Cook Drive (as you’re heading into Kurnell) just before Greenhills Skate Park.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

There’s a small dirt parking section to the left of the road with no real obvious signage. There is a sign that says “Kurnell Peninsula” so keep your eye out for that.

If you hit the round about that leads to the skate park and football field then you’ve gone too far.

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What Is Towra Point Nature Reserve Lookout Like?

The entrance to the Towra Point Nature Reserve viewing platform is easy to find and a paved path. It isn’t far to the lookout at all. Maybe 10-20 metres.

The raised wooden platform is huge given how unpopular this spot is.

You get some good views over Quibray Bay however the bushes do unfortunately cover most of the views of the bay and for shorter people you might not be able to see much water at all.

The photo below was taken with me standing on the handrail so I could get higher up.

The Path Onto The Mangrove Flats

The real beauty of of this spot is to be found off the designated viewing platform.

To the right of the platform there is a clearly defined path…right next to the sign that says “No Entry”.

This is a sensitive and protected area so if you do decide to go in the off limits area stick to the track and respect the natural environment as much as possible.

When I went down here I did see a local in the area walking his dog.

The path is clearly defined the whole way.

The path will eventually lead you to the tidal mangrove flats. I recommend you visit this location at low tide for the best experience.

I got lucky and I was here at low tide. At high tide this entire sand bank would be filled with water.

Again, if you decide to go onto the sand bank please be careful with where you step to minimise your impact.

From the sand bank you get some pretty incredible views of Quibray Bay overlooking Sydney.

I visited late in the day as the sun was setting and it was a very peaceful and calming experience.

Planes fly overhead which keeps things interesting and I can imagine little kids would love to run around on the sand bank and watch the planes flying over.

Other Interesting Spots Near Towra Point Nature Reserve

There are a variety of other amazing spots in and around Kurnell. If you’re spending the day here there’s a lot of different spots you can visit.

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Cape Solander Whale Watching Lookout

A great spot in Kurnell is the is the Cape Solander Whale Watching Lookout.

This lookout is wheelchair accessible and one of the best places to see the whales as they migrate north to warmer waters.

June and July are the best times to do whale watching but they can also be spotted between May-October. You’ll just have to get lucky.

Sometimes they get as close as just 200 metres from the coast

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The Secret Skylight Cave

Made TikTok and Instagram famous this secret skylight cave is an amazing place to take a photo for your social media or dating profile. The cave has a magnificent skylight in the centre and is right on the cliff. It’s quite small but photos make it look bigger than it is.

I consider this walk very dangerous due to how close the cave is to the cliff. If you do this walk then you do it at your own risk.

The walk down to the cave is not marked and is difficult to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But if you know how to get there it’s just a short 200 metres from the carpark

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Cape Baily Lighthouse

The Skylight Cave actually exists just off the Cape Baily Lighthouse walk.

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