For years getting into nature has been one of my favorite things to do. I can remember as a teenager discovering secret jump rocks and swimming holes and as I’ve grown up and had kids of my own I’ve been lucky enough to be able to share this passion with them.

I never quite understood people’s desire to hoard information of amazing locations and keep it to themselves – only to visit the spot once a decade.

I believe that nature is there to be enjoyed by all of us and the best natural locations should be simple and easy to find for those who are dedicated enough to look for them.

People who, like myself, care about nature and try their best to care for it and leave no trace.

Helpful Hiking exists for people like you to find the best spots to hike, run, swim and jump.

Life is there to be lived, get out there and live it!

Hey, I’m Ryan

Explorer, adventurer and thrill seeker at heart I prefer a walk when I’m not 100% sure whether or not I’m going in the right direction or if we’re actually going to find the spot we’re looking for.

I’ve always loved hiking in nature but I got hooked when me and my partner at the time took our kids to Karloo Pools and were on the hunt for a hidden waterfall she hadn’t been to in over a decade.

A full day spent hiking in the hot sun with 5 young kids we never found the waterfall we were looking for, but we had the best day ever and it’s one I will never forget as long as I live. It turned out we were only a couple of hundreds of metres away from it. Check out the full story and this incredible location at Krystal’s Waterfall.

The hunting for new waterfalls set my soul on fire and ever since then I’ve loved exploring different waterfalls wherever I am.

I love heading out into nature almost every single weekend and I’m passionate about helping you experience these wonderful spots.

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