Commemoration Flat Picnic Area: The Perfect Spot For A BBQ at Kurnell

Commemoration Flat is one of the best picnic area spots in Kurnell. It features lucious green grass with stunning water views as well as multiple picnic tables, public BBQs and toilets with drinking water and even a shower.

It’s one of the largest picnic areas in the area and is a great place to have lunch or even dinner overlooking the water. There’s lots of flat grassland to spread out or for ball games, tall trees which create a lot of shade on sunny days and it’s just a stone’s throw from the Kurnell Whale Sculpture or a short drive from Cape Solander Whale Watching Lookout.

It’s recently had an upgrade to the toilet facilities there and also features a drinking water fountain and bottle refill station as well as a cold shower.

If you’re in Kurnell and looking for a great spot to sit for lunch, or spend the entire day, then you can’t go wrong with Commemoration Flat Picnic Area.

Where Is Commemoration Flat Picnic Area (Map)

Commemoration Flat Picnic Area is located inside Kamay Botany Bay National Park on the Kurnell Peninsula towards the northern most point of Kurnell.

There is a large parking bay in the picnic area but you do need to pay entry fees into the national park (see details). The best way to do this is to have an annual pass – see how to get a national parks annual pass here.

However, you can also park along the Kurnell Foreshore along Captain Cook Drive and then walk to the picnic area from there. It’s only a 15-20 minute walk along a mostly paved path until you reach the picnic area. This will save you the $8 or so in national park fees if that’s important to you.

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There is a good amount of parking inside the Commemoration Flat Picnic Area. I was there on a weekday afternoon in winter and the car park was basically empty.

However, I can imagine this car park could fill up in Summer and on public holidays.

If this carpark is full you can try to park closeby at the Kurnell Visitor Centre, the Cricket Pitch Carpark or the parking off the side of the main road at The Steps.

Summary of Facilities at Commemoration Flat Picnic Area

Commemoration Flat is the picnic area with the most facilities inside Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

Yena Flat doesn’t have toilets and while Cricket Pitch Car Park has toilet facilities it doesn’t have as many picnic tables or barbeques.

Bathrooms with Shower and Drinking Water

Recently the toilet block at Commemoration Flat has had an upgrade and the toilets are quite nice for national park toilets.

It features male and female toilet and disabled toilets as well as an outdoor drinking and water bottle refill station and even an outdoor cold shower.

The toilet block is quite close to the carpark so if you need to go to the toilet before or after exploring Cape Bailey Lighthouse or the Secret Skylight Cave this is a good place to do so.

Picnic Tables

Commemoration Flat has lots of picnic tables spread out across the entire area.

I counted more than 6-8 picnic tables some of which stand alone like in the image below and there was one set of 3 picnic tables side-by-side which could accommodate a large group.

If the tables are all full then there are still lots of grassy areas to spread out on and have a picnic.


Commemoration Flat Picnic Area features 2 undercover barbeque stations with 2 barbeques at each station. Making 4 all up.

When I was there one of them was out of order but the other 3 were still working.

While these barbeques are cleaned and serviced by the staff and rangers I highly suggest bringing your own cleaning equipment as animals can poop on the hot plates (as seen below) and sometimes other people don’t clean up very well.

I believe in always leaving things in a better condition to what you found them in.

Other Interesting Spots Near Commemoration Flat Picnic Area

Commemoration Flat is a great place to spend the day with friends an family, have some lunch or a picnic and enjoy the ocean views and the shade of the trees.

But there are lots of great places to visit extremely close to Commemoration Flat you’d be silly not to check out at least one of them while you’re in Kurnell.

The whale sculpture is right near the picnic area and just a short walk away and the other spots listed below are just a short drive away.

You can also check out my full list of the best things to do in Kurnell.

Kurnell Whale Sculpture

Just off the coast from Commemoration Flat Picnic Area (or walkable from the main street in Kurnell) is the Kurnell Whale Sculpture.

Designed by Theresa Ardler and Julie Squires it features a whale mother and her calf and a bronze fishing net.

It’s a beautiful sculpture and also has lovely views across the bay to La Perouse.

Read my Kurnell Whale Sculpture Full Walking Guide

Cape Solander Whale Watching Lookout

Right where you parked the car is the Cape Solander Whale Watching Lookout.

This lookout is wheelchair accessible and one of the best places to see the whales as they migrate north to warmer waters.

June and July are the best times to do whale watching but they can also be spotted between May-October. You’ll just have to get lucky.

Sometimes they get as close as just 200 metres from the coast

Read my Cape Solander Whale Watching Guide

The Secret Skylight Cave

Made TikTok and Instagram famous this secret skylight cave is an amazing place to take a photo for your social media or dating profile. The cave has a magnificent skylight in the centre and is right on the cliff. It’s quite small but photos make it look bigger than it is.

I consider this walk very dangerous due to how close the cave is to the cliff. If you do this walk then you do it at your own risk.

The walk down to the cave is not marked and is difficult to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But if you know how to get there it’s just a short 200 metres from the carpark

Read my full guide to finding the Secret Skylight Cave at Cape Solander, Kurnell

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