Willow Tree Flat Picnic Area: Quiet Spot Right Near Audley

Willow Tree Flat Picnic Area is just 500 metres from Audley and features large grassy areas perfect for picnics, beautiful views of the Hacking River, a good sized car park and a public restroom.

If you’re wanted to spend the day near Audley but want to escape the hustle and bustle of the main spots then Willow Tree Flat is a fair bit quieter but still close enough that you can easily walk up to Audley and grab yourself a coffee or some food.

Spread out and have a picnic, play ball games with your friends and family or just relax and soak in the nature whilst listening to the river. A perfect place to spend a few hours or the entire day.

Where Is Willow Tree Flat (Map)

Willow Tree Flat Picnic Area is located off Lady Carington Drive near Audley Village.

To get there turn off Sir Bertram Stevens Drive onto Lady Carrington Drive and drive past the Weir Cafe and Audley Village and also past the wooden bridge (don’t cross it).

You’ll then come to Willow Tree Flat Picnic Area.

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Summary of Facilities at Willow Tree Flat

Willow Tree Flat is a pretty basic picnic area and doesn’t have as many facilities as Audley does. But being slightly further removed from Audley means it’s quieter and calmer, but still just a few hundred metres from Audley if you want to go up and buy a coffee or some food.

Lots of Parking Close To Audley

Willow Tree Flat has a large dirt parking area with lots of room for cars.

There are no marked spaces like Allambie Flat and so this allows for cars to pack in around each other and because it’s so close to Audley it’s one of the best places to park for Audley on busy days.

Public Rest Rooms

Between Willow Tree Flat and Fig Tree Flat there are public rest rooms.

These rest rooms are a bit dated and not the nicest ones in the National Park but they are nice enough and do the job.

There are male and female toilets as well as a disabled toilet.

Other Interesting Spots Near Willow Tree Flat

Willow Tree Flat is a nice calm area and you could spend a few hours here or the entire day here if you wanted to.

But if you’re up for a bit more adventure here are some of the key locations closeby I suggest you check out.


Audley is the crowning pearl of the Royal National Park and one of the most popular spots in the entire park.

It features an abundance of beautiful picnic lawns spread out across the river, picnic tables, public barbeques, bike racks, eco-friendly bathrooms and kayak and canoe hire.

The Weir Cafe is open 7 days a week from 8am and serves breakfast and lunch and a variety of takeaway options. If you need a coffee in the national park this is the spot to go.

Upstairs there is the Audley Room which runs high-teas on weekends.

Overall Audley is a fantastic place to spend a few hours or an entire day relaxing by the river and enjoying the serenity of the Royal National Park.

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Lady Carington Drive

Lady Carington Drive is a histroy cycling and walking track and offers some of the best of what the Royal National Park has to offer.

Step into another world and be surrounded by luscious forest. This track follows the Hacking River and is a 1-2 hour bike ride or approximately 2-3 hour walk each way. Ideally you want to organise a car or shuttle at the other end so you don’t have to walk back.

It was one of the first tracks ever created in the national park and remains one of it’s most popular tracks for good reason.

There are 3 picnic areas along the track as well as tracks that shoot off to Palona Cave and Waterfall as well as The Forest Path.

If you’ve never done this walk before in the Royal National Park I can’t recommend it enough.

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Winifred Falls

One of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in the Royal National Park, Winifred Falls is just a short 1.5 km hike and a beautiful location to visit especially after there has been some rainfall.

The waterfall flows all year around and is a great place to cool off in summer or to sit and enjoy some lunch at the top of the falls.

Park off Warumbul Road and access the falls via the Winifred Falls Fire Trail.

If you have it in you continue down the river to South West Arm Pool which is another great swimming hole.

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