Mount Ettalong Pearl Beach Lookout Full Guide

If you’re looking for an extremely short easy walk to one of the most spectacular views on the Central Coast then the Mount Ettalong Lookout that looks over Pearl Beach as well as Palm Beach Sydney is one not to be missed.

This is a great spot for a date, to hang out and chat with a friend or just spend some time basking in the view.

The official trail head/lookout spot has been closed off but there is a rocky outcrop that is still easily accessible and has the better views of Pearl Beach – just lacks the northern views of Umina Beach and the rest of the Central Coast.

It’s not crazy popular, is fairly easy to get to with decent parking options and there is a large rock to sit on overlooking Pearl Beach that catches a lot of sunshine during the day.

The walk itself is incredibly short – about 500 metres each way – and it’s also very flat with very little elevation.

But you don’t really go to this spot for a big hike, you go here because the view is absolutely stunning and it is one of the best views on the coast.

Mount Ettalong Lookout Key Information

Distance: 1.0 km

Elevation: 67 metres

Difficulty: Extremely Easy

Opening Times: All Day

Entrance Fee: None

Facilities Nearby:

  • None at the location but cafes and toilets close by at Umina Beach

Potential Hazards:

  • Lookout rock has no guard rails and is not wheelchair accessible

Summary of Directions

  • Park near the water tower just off Patonga Drive
  • Walk 500 metres along the track
  • Turn off to your right to the lookout rock that overlooks Pearl Beach

Where Is Mount Ettalong Lookout? (Parking)

Mount Ettalong Lookout is located just off Patonga Drive with parking at the water tower there.

The turnoff to the car park is quite obvious, but it can also be quiet a sharp turn if you’re coming from Umina so look out for it.

Click here for Mount Ettalong Lookout Parking Location (Google Maps)

Click here for Mount Ettalong Lookout Parking Location (Apple Maps)

Drive up the small road to the top and there are parking spaces for around 8-10 cars in different areas around the water tower. I’m sure it could fit more cars on busy days. We didn’t have any issues parking.

The Track Is Extremely Easy

The track to Mount Ettalong Lookout is one of the easiest tracks I’ve done – ever.

It’s around 500 metres each way and is extremely wide, extremely flat and only has a very slightly elevation.

You’re not going to build up a sweat doing this path and the walk is quite leisurely and nice.

Turnoff To The Right For The Lookout

After around 500 metres there is an obvious turnoff to the right to the lookout rock.

You can’t really miss it because there is a big gap in the trees and you can see the ocean and even from the track your eyes are drawn to the incredible view.

Just off the track you can already start to see the incredible view that awaits you.

What Mount Ettalong Lookout Is Like

Pictures do not do this lookout justice. I can’t believe a lookout like this exists.

It’s so perfectly positioned to get a great view over Pearl Beach – so named because the way the waves break make it look like a pearl necklace.

You also get great views of Lion Island as well as views of Palm Beach in Sydney. It’s feels crazy to be in such a beautiful location and to be able to see Sydney from here. It’s like a different world.

There is a large rock outcrop that makes the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view for hours on end.

The rocky outcrop is large and wide and has ample space for multiple groups of people.

We were there for a few hours just enjoying the view and the sunshine on a warm winters Sunday. About 5-10 groups visited during that time but none of them stayed to sit down. They all had a quick look and continued on their way.

The rocky outcrop does NOT have a safety fence around it and the drop is quite far so you should definitely use caution when spending time here. Don’t get too close to the edge.

Mount Ettalong Lookout Trailhead Is Closed Off – But Upgrades Are Planned

Further up from this spot is the official lookout spot the trailhead has now been closed off (as of 2023).

There is currently a masterplan to improve the area with a new lookout to be built at the trailhead (which is currently closed) and it looks like the southern lookout (which is where all the pictures above were taken) will stay as it is.

We honestly didn’t even bother to go up to the trailhead spot and I felt absolutely no need to. The spot where we spent the day was so good and 100% worth the adventure.

If you’re ever in the area and have some time this is the ideal spot to spend 5 minutes or 5 hours. I highly recommend it.

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