Currawong Flat & Wattle Forest Picnic Area: Quiet Spot Across The River From Audley

Just opposite Audley is Currawong Flat and Wattle Forest Picnic Areas. Looking over the Hacking River these large grassy areas feature picnic tables, beautiful scenery, lots of parking and a public rest room.

They capture the morning and midday sun but get a lot of afternoon shade, making them a great place to relax on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Walk over to Audley and the Weir Cafe to enjoy a coffee and some food or take a hike up Robertson’s Roundabout and enjoy the amazing view.

Currawong Flat is one of the best places to park for Audley as there are lots of car spots and it’s only a short walk over the wooden bridge to get to Audley.

Where Is Currawong Flat & Wattle Forest (Map)

Currawong Flat (and Wattle Forest) are just over the river from Audley and easy to access via car or walking.

Turn off Sir Bertram Stevens Drive onto Lady Carington Drive and drive past Audley Village and Cafe.

You’ll see a wooden bridge. Cross this one land bridge on your car (watch out for traffic coming the other way) and you’ll reach Currawong Flat.

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Make sure to get a day pass or annual pass to the Royal National Park as Rangers do patrol this area and hand out fines to people who don’t have a pass.

Click here to learn about the Royal National Park Fees and how to get a cheap annual pass

Summary of Facilities at Currawong Flat & Wattle Forest

Currawong Flat and Wattle Forest are beautiful spots to spend a few hours for lunch or a picnic or to spend the entire day.

Lots of Parking Near Audley

Currawong Flat Car Park
More parking at Currawong Flat

One of the great things about Currawong Flat is the ample amount of parking extremely close to Audley.

If you find that the car park at Audley is full the this is one of the closest car parks to Audley as it’s just over a small the bridge.

Public Restroom

Near the car park at Currawong Flat is a toilet block that features male, female and a disabled toilet.

The block isn’t as nice and modern as the one at Allambie Flat across the river but it’s nice enough and does the trick.

Undercover Picnic Tables

On the north side of Currawong Flat (near Robertsons Roundabout) there are 2 undercover picnic tables as well as some open air picnic tables.

This is great to get out of the sun or to hide from the rain.

On the south side at Wattle Forest there are some open air picnic tables and a lot of room to spread out and have a picnic or a barbeque.

Lots Of Grassy Areas

Currawong Flat and Wattle Forest features large flat grassy areas that are perfect for picnics.

There is lots of room to spread out and the area is usually less popular than Audley across the river so it can be a bit more chilled out.

A great spot for large groups to gather and for kids to play.

Other Interesting Spots Near Currawong Flat

Currawong Flat is a lovely spot to spend a few hours or the entire day but there are also a variety of other great locations not far from here that are well worth your time if you are seeking a bit of adventure.

Robertson’s Roundabout

Opposite Audley and off Currawong Flat is the short but steep 2 km round trip walk that is Robertson’s Roundabout.

The track is made up of mostly rocky stairs that meander upwards and around – culminating in a beautiful lookout overlooking Audley Weir and the Hacking River.

While this walk is short it is by no means easy due to it’s elevation. The lookout at the top is pretty though and it’s so close to Audley that it’s a great to get away on a little hike and then come back to the Weir Cafe for a coffee and a relax.

If you want to experience a little known lookout and get a great workout in for the thighs and bum then don’t worry about the stairmaster at the gym – just go to Robertsons Roundabout Lookout.

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Audley is the crowning pearl of the Royal National Park and one of the most popular spots in the entire park.

It features an abundance of beautiful picnic lawns spread out across the river, picnic tables, public barbeques, bike racks, eco-friendly bathrooms and kayak and canoe hire.

The Weir Cafe is open 7 days a week from 8am and serves breakfast and lunch and a variety of takeaway options. If you need a coffee in the national park this is the spot to go.

Upstairs there is the Audley Room which runs high-teas on weekends.

Overall Audley is a fantastic place to spend a few hours or an entire day relaxing by the river and enjoying the serenity of the Royal National Park.

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South West Arm Pool

South West Arm Pool is one of the best swimming holes in the Royal National Park and because it’s not marked it doesn’t get nearly as crowded as the close by Winifred Falls.

It features a deep pool to swim in, a rope swing for the brave of heart and even a rock jump for the completely insane. There’s lots of room to spread out in the sun on the rocks and have a picnic or a quick break.

To get to South West Arm Pool walk to Winifred Falls and then follow the river down for another 500 metres or so to get to the pool. You can also access it via boat.

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