Bungoona Lookout Wheelchair Accessible Walking Guide – The Best View In The Royal National Park

Just off the main road into the Royal National Park is a short, wheelchair accessible track to one of, if not THE, best view in all of the Royal National Park – Bungoona Lookout.

It’s the perfect rest stop on your way into or out of the Royal National Park and features lots of parking as well as disabled male and female toilets.

The wheelchair accessible track is paved the entire way and there are multiple seats along the path for those needed to rest along the journey. There’s also a flat fire trail adjacent to the paved path for those who prefer to walk or roll on dirt rather than concrete.

Bungoona Lookout is also one of the spots in the Royal National Park easily accessible by public transport. You can walk to this spot from either Loftus or Engadine Train station via various tracks.

Bungoona Lookout Key Information

Distance: 1 km (return)

Elevation: Basically none

Difficulty: Easy + Wheelchair Accessible

Opening Times: All year roung

Entrance Fee: Royal National Park Entry Fees Apply – Special Prices for Carers (See Full Details)

Facilities Nearby:

  • Disabled toilets at carpark

Potential Hazards:

  • None

Where Is Bungoona Lookout?

Bungoona Lookout is located inside the Royal National park and is accessible off Farnell Ave/Audley Road.

The easiest way to access Bungoona Lookout is via car with parking at the entrance to the track. However, you can also walk to Bungoona Lookout and even access it via public transport from Loftus or Engadine Train Station via the Bungoona Lookout Track.

Parking For Bungoona Lookout

There is lots of parking at Bungoona Lookout as well as pay stations to get day passes for the Royal National Park

Parking for Bungoona Lookout is really good. It’s got quite a large car park with multiple different sections and enough room for a lot of cars.

We went in winter and there was loads of car spaces. I highly doubt this car park would be full very often.

There are also pay stations at the parking lot which allows you to buy day passes for the park if you need to.

See all the details on park fees and how to get the cheapest entrance into the park

Toilet Facilities At Bungoona Lookout

Toilet facilities at Bungoona Lookout car park

One of the great things about Bungoona Lookout is that there are disabled toilets at the car park.

This makes it the perfect place to stop off before or after any other adventures in the park.

The toilet facilities feature 4 toilets – 2 male and 2 female with one ambulant and one accessible toilet for each gender.

There are 3 toilets – 2 ambulant and 2 accessible
Inside male accessible toilet at Bungoona Lookout

Getting To Bungoona Lookout

You can get to Bungoona Lookout via two paths that run adjacent to each other.

There is a wheelchair accessible path that is paved the entire way as well as a flat, dirt fire trail that is easy to walk on and then has some steps up to the lookout.

Bungoona Lookout Direction Summary

  • Park in the car park off Farnell Ave/Audley Road
  • At the north end of the car park follow the paved path to Bungoona Lookout
  • Alternatively walk the dirt fire trail for 500 metres and Bungoona Lookout will be on your right

The Wheelchair Accessible Path

The start of the wheelchair accessible path to Bungoona Lookout

From the base of the car park there is a wheelchair accessible path that is paved the entire way.

It’s a fairly flat winding path that is quite pleasant to walk on with trees surrounding you.

There are multiple seats placed along the path for those who need to take a rest and sit down on the way. My favourite was this seat with a view of a big tree with roots growing over the rocks. It was a beautiful spot to sit.

Once you get to Bungoona Lookout there is a wheelchair ramp up to the lookout where you will get beautiful views over the river.

Florence Parade Fire Trail

If you don’t need to take the wheelchair accessible path then I recommend walking along the Florence Parade Fire Trail instead.

It just feels a little more natural.

The fire trail is wide and flat the whole way and eventually leads to Grays Point or the Temptation Creek Trail.

After 500 metres there are some steps to your right to get to Bungoona Lookout.

We actually nearly missed it as we were lost in conversation and you get to the lookout so quickly.

What Bungoona Lookout Is Like

Bungoona Lookout is one of the most beautiful vistas in the entire Royal National Park.

I’ve walked a lot of the trails and there are some amazing views – especially along The Coastal Track but the view at Bungoona blew me away.

It can be quite windy up here and we visited during winter so the wind was quite cold. But it was still so nice to stop and enjoy the view.

There are seats at Bungoona Lookout where you can sit, but the best view is seen if you go right up to the rail.

Know Any Other Good Access Friendly Spots? Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below

I am passionate about helping all people of all abilities experience the best of what nature has to offer.

If you have any suggestions for good access-friendly spots in the Royal National Park or comments about suggestions made please let us all know in the comments section below.

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